A/B Testing

Prove/check your web

The A/B Testing is used to evaluate many Digital Marketing tools. This instrument can  be used to check and optimize the Services that Nobaweb provide.

How the A/B Testing works? By doing two versions of the same Digital Marketing tool and website. Some of your visitors will always see version “A” (the original) and other visitors will always arrive to version “B”.

The variations are made on a sole element per test. They are run at the same time, lowering the costs.The results will help you evaluate the changes.

What can be changed:

  • Headlines
  • Content
  • Color
  • Buttons
  • Sizes

Both versions competes to attract visitor or to convert the most number of Leads. A Lead is the generation of a interested costumer that will ask for more information about the purchase.

Once is detected the variation with higher atractions or Leads it became the only version. Then, it’s time for another change. The objective: constant optimization. Then you have a web page alive and changing to optimize the users’ experience.

Nobaweb, like with all its Services, gives you a monthly report with the test results. It includes recommendations and action plans for Web Optimization and sales growth.

You must remember: every element and every web page could be optimized. How? Doing test constantly. That is the base for Web Analytics.

The measure of the actions are the outcomes of what is happening. Like a photo. There is no actions to boost sales nor business growth. But it helps you to make a decision and take an action.

Take an action means do some changes to your page and test the results according the behavior of the visitors. The A/B Testing is the method that check these changes in design or content focused to compete the objectives of the site.

Multivariate Testing

The Multivariate Testing are based at the same principle of the A/B Testing. The difference is that there are multiple changes running to test in every version. Those analysis gives a great amount of information in a short time.

Of course, they require a higher planning and a bit more time to data gathering.

The easiest way to make an A/B Testing and a Multivariate Testing is to make a Landing Page. That is because their objective is the completion of a specific action, any change will have direct consequences. Many times the modification is simple, just a headline or the position of a button. But the outcomes are great.

Landing Page: Optimize your customer experience on your site

A Landing Page is a specialized section of your website. Its objective is attract possible clients to “land” on your page and do a specific action:

  • Fill a newsfeed form
  • Watch a video of your products, services or event of your business
  • Download a file
  • Ask for a meeting
  • Buy, of course

How do a client know what to do? Its easy: you say so. That is known as a Call To Action. Some examples are:

  • Call us!
  • Download more information
  • Watch this video
  • Try for free your…!
  • Buy now…

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