Content Marketing

Specific messages for audience building and sales

We are always creating content. The Web grows and expands with every blog post, every social media entry, every video or photo.

That vast amount of information could lose you easily. Imagine you are at the exit of a maze and your clients are walking through it, but it constantly changes. Constantly offers gives them different exits and couldn’t reach you.

The Content Marketing is a Digital Marketing method [link a Digital Marketing] that makes your site “move”. You will be no more static at end of the maze, you will go and meet your clients!

The Content Marketing offers interesting and relevant information:

  • Attracts clients to your web page
  • Keeps an audience paying attention to your content
  • Can create a community of costumers
  • Boosts the sales and re-sales
  • Ease that your costumers recommend you

The Content Marketing needs an adequate plan to avoid “noise” in your communication. This could drive away your costumers and reduce your revenue. That’s why it’s so necessary that you:

  • Study the customs of your clients
  • Analyze the behavior of your visitors on your web
  • Analyze text and contents that improve the sales
  • Do A/B Testing [link a A/B Testing] checking out modifications on the content

You can create specific high impact content to your clients. The information will be consumed by those people that really need it, at the right time.

Your Marketing efforts will not be wasted on people that will not buy you. Your products and services will appear only at those queries with the highest probability of sales.

Content Marketing stablishes a conversation with your clients. It is not about direct sales but build confidence through time and then produce sales. The objective is to create familiarity, likeability and trust so the purchase is just part of a long-term relation. It assures future purchases and recommendations from your customers.


The Content Marketing is a constant effort that allow you to:

  • Stablish a long-term contact with your clients
  • Build a costumers community and boost fidelity
  • Build trust updating your site and their content and reduce the fear to buy
  • Mold according the stage of the buying cycle where your customers are
  • Be one step ahead of your competition

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