CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization

A systematic and structured approacht to improve the performance of your web site

conversion rate optimizationA Conversion is to transform X in Y. In Web and Digital Marketing it is related to visitors to your web doing what you want. There are many actions, the most expected are:

  • Transform your visitors into clients
  • Your visitors consume your content (your videos, your blog post, your PDFs)
  • Downloads of your Free Trials
  • To raise interest on your products or services and ask for an estimate or to a meeting

It is possible to increase the number of people that Convert through the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

What is the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

You can improve everything in Digital Marketing and web pages. Conversion Rate Optimization is a process aimed to achieve better Digital Marketing campaigns.

The Conversion Rate Optimization is a success indicator, a process looking for results. It is not the main outcome. The expected goal is to achieve the sale and have revenue.

That’s why the Conversion Rate Optimizating needs data about the visit to the website. Its also necessary to have information about the sales. Statistics will help to keep control over the actions taken and future decisions.

The Conversion Funnel

A Conversion starts far before a visitor arrives to your web page. The Conversion Funnel explains the behavior of a person in order to complete what it is expected to do. There are different steps with a varied actions that must be taken.

  • Attention: Its the traffic that arrives to your site, people that desire or need your products and services. They are attracted by many ways: PPC ( [link a PPC], Social Networks, Email Marketing [link a Email Marketing])
  • Interest and Invitation: At your site or special sections such as the Landing Page [link a Landing Page], the benefits and the expected action will be showed.
  • Action: the people do what it is expected. That is the Conversion and happens because the costumer trust on your site offer.
  • Fidelity: the client keeps visiting your page because is relevant. Even promotes sales with other peoples, because he trust

Not everyone decide to pass to another step. That’s why it is presented as a Funnel. Those people that are still interested in doing the next actions are the most likely to end up buying. However, to implement Conversion Rate Optimization  means there can be retained more people and prevent their early exits. And convert them into clients.

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