Email Marketing

Precision in your messages: direct communication with the right persons

The Email Marketing allows you a direct and personal communication with your costumers. It helps to promote loyalty and to build a community and an interested public paying attention to your products or services.

How do you know which is the most effective message for your clients? To create a good Email Marketing message you must know about the characteristics of your clients.

  • The most active hours and when check the email
  • The kind of messages that are irresistible
  • The products or offers that will attract their attention
  • A funny or more serious writing style that is most adequate

How can you know your client? Doing research, analysis and making tests. A good Email Marketing campaign is made by the data gathered from your Digital Marketing guidelines.

Also, the data that the Email Marketing produce is measured, organized and strengthen through the Web Analytics. At the same time, this information also helps to arrange the rest of the Services Nobaweb provides.

You can be sure that you are communicating what your costumers are expecting. You will send relevant and interesting information at the times that your clients are willing to obtain that content.

What are the advantages of the Email Marketing?

You can use the Email Marketing to attract clients to your main web page or to a specific sections: the Landing Page.

  • It’s low-cost compared with traditional way of promotion
  • The message and content are easy to customize
  • It allow the creation of massive campaigns
  • Is excellent for direct marketing
  • It make easier the public’s segmentations
  • The campaigns outcomes can be tested and metric with efficiency
  • It’s still the best digital tool to promote sales

Every mail sent has a Call To Action (CTA) for your customers. It is expected that they complete a specific behavior like to click on a link, download a file, for example.

Through the Email Marketing it can be gathered the information of the number of times that objective action. And is possible to analyze if the message sent appeal on the right way, and if the Call To Action its comprehensible or not.


Monthly Nobaweb prepare a report based on the data produced by the Email Marketing. The measures ar:

  • The number of people that open the email
  • The number of clicks done to one or more links on the body message
  • The percentage of bounce (times when someone opens the message and inmidiatly close it)
  • The geographic area where the email was open
  • The sections of the web that were visited through the message
  • The effectiveness or the email content to persuade to make the requested action
  • La efectividad del contenido del correo para persuadir y realizar la acción que se solicita

Every email sent can be evaluated through the A/B Testing. It’s made a B version of every message and are sent at the same time to percentage of the clients. Its objective is to optimize the message. It’s a process that will not end because the optimization is always on going.

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