Mobile Marketing

A new and different world

The world moves. The smartphones and tablets allows permanent connection and mobility. As never before, there are new opportunities for promotion.

The design and consume of the web products are different than the ones for personal computers or laptops. That’s why  is necessary to create Mobile Marketing campaigns.

Some distinguishing conditions of the mobile devices are:

  • They are touch screen, they have no mouse to do the actions
  • The screens size are smaller
  • The contents are oriented to share it with contacts
  • Visual is the main tendency on content, more than text
  • Emails are more read on mobile devices

Web pages also require to optimize in order to be adapted. That’s why the Web Designs made by Nobaweb are made Responsive. The content and design can adapt to the different screen sizes.

Nobaweb works with strategies and data, always testing. Our products are backed with the information that we can gather from your site, according with your objectives. When we develop a Mobile Marketing campaign, we do with you.

Nobaweb  assures you that all their Digital Marketing Services, analysis and data gathering can adapt to this new way of experience the Internet. If not, it can be done an effective Mobile Marketing!

Our field is Digital Marketing, here in Nobaweb we don’t do apps for mobile devices. If you wish so, we can get in touch with someone that actually do that.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

  • You can attract clients over the tool they use more to connect to the Internet
  • Your Digital Marketing campaign for your site will be reinforced
  • More traffic to your web site will be attracted from different incoming ways
  • Visitors will have distinguished campaigns: different promotions for mobile users and personal computers users
  • Community building with clients will be easier, the mobile media are focused on interactivity
  • Allows  to attract users in multiple ways (there are many apps where to put adds)
  • Yo can organize a campaign by the characteristics of the app users, they are different targets with different interest profiled according the apps they use

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