Pay Per Click (PPC)

The ad according the query of your client at the right time

The Pay Per Click (PPC) is a Digital Marketing tool that you pay for them every time someone makes a click. There are some kinds of ads that appears in:

  • Search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing
  • Social Networks as Facebook, Twiiter or Linkedin
  • On websites that sell an ad space

The search engines uses frequently the Google AdWords system. The ads will appear according to the Keywords that you choose (and decided to pay). These are the words that describe the most your product, service, industry, business model and other characteristic that you decide can attract clients to you.

In this system of Pay Per Click (PPC) you have to pay for every keyword. Everyone will have a more or less value due how much people uses them to find what they are looking for. The most frequent (and most paid for advertisers) have the highest prices.

  • It is possible to segment the ads
  • You can segment the ads to appear to only to local searches or global ones
  • You can choose in which language your ads will appear
  • You can choose the country your ads will appear
  • The hours your ads will be activated and deactivated


The Pay Per Click (PPC) born because many enterprises found it difficult to achieve the first places on the organic results of the search engines. Especially in a very competitive business.

The pages that are most visited are on the first places of the results of query. So, the ads gives more chances to be seen.

How it works?

Whenever you create Pay Per Click (PCC) ads you must:

  • Plan the campaign strategy
  • Define your budget
  • Study the Keywords that you will use
  • Create the headlines and features for every version of your ad
  • Define which section of the page the ad will lead, could be a Landing Page created only to receive this new visitors
  • Analyze constantly and monitor your campaign and those of the competence

Advantages of the PPC

  • The Return of Inversion (ROI) can be easily measured
  • It allows much more control over the Budget, the pays are only per visitor that made a click
  • It can develop different campaigns according the geographic localization
  • It’s possible to promote the sales of products or services at the same time to different publics
  • The results are immediate
  • There can be specific season ads
  • You can see how the competence work with a query

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