Web Analytics

Measures for a decision making without uncertainty

Nobaweb understand that every Digital Marketing strategy must include the control of their achievements. The obtained data backing the objectives indicates if their investments and actions are giving the expected results.

Web Analytics allows you to get this meaningful information studying your clients’ behavior on your site. At same time, the data is compared with the goals of your web page. That is why you have to be clear with your aims:

  • Why your website exists?
  • What do you expect to achieve?
  • Which are your three priorities?

What is measured with Web Analytics?

Anything. In the Internet practically everything can be registered and can be assigned to a metric:

  • The sum of all visitors of your page
  • The number of times when a link, an e-mail, a Google AdWords or a Facebook Ad direct people to the site
  • Number of people that arrive at your site and bounce immediately
  • Which are the elements that are most or less clicked on your web
  • The sections and spaces with more and less visualization
  • Number of downloads (if apply)
  • The effectiveness of the Call To Action (CTA). A Call To Action is a request made to the visitor to page: download a file, watch a video, fill a form, buy)
  • The Leads that a web page produce (when someone do what is indicated at the Call To Action, the outcome is called Lead. The Lead could be converted on a sale)
  • And many more…

This measures are made at any time there is a visitor on your site. All the Services of Nobaweb gives statistics to the Web Analytics.

Every month you will have a report with the results and an action plan.

Imagine the benefits

  • The decisions of your business will have less uncertainty
  • You will have a better understanding of your clients, what are their motivations and what drive them away
  • You will attract more people interested in your products and services
  • You could develop campaigns and promotions certainly knowing what action attract more visitors
  • You could lower the advertising costs
  • You will have inmediate information to make changes and constant test to improve the performance of the site.

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